Important Computer Abbreviation Words At 1 Glance

Computers Knowledge is gaining importance in the Bank Exams of IBPS or SBI and Computer Abbreviation is one of the key components. It’s very essential to know the basic Computer Abbreviations that are helpful in answering direct questions in exams.

Also learn about Computer Hardware, Operating Systems, and Computer Networks.

computer abbreviation words
Computer Abbreviation Words

What is Computer Abbreviations?

Computer Abbreviations is the short form of the commonly used terms of computer. Knowing these short from of Computers and their full form is very essential to understand them.

Below is the alphabet wise list of commonly used computer abbreviations:

A – Computer Abbreviations

1ACIDAtomicity Consistency Isolation Durability
3ACLAccess Control List
4AGPAdvanced Graphics Port
5AIArtificial Intelligence
6ALUArithmetic Logic Unit
7AMDAdvanced Micro Devices
8APIApplication Program Interface
9ARPAddress Resolution Protocol
10ARPANETAdvanced Research Projects Agency Network
11ARQAutomatic Repeat Request
12ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
13ASPActive Server Pages
14ATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode
15AVIAudio Video Interleave
16AWSAmazon Web Services

B – Computer Abbreviations

1BASICBeginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
2BCCBlind Carbon Copy
3BIOSBasic Input Output System
4BIPSBillion Instruction Per Second
5BlobBinary large Object
6BIUBus Interface Unit

C – Computer Abbreviations

1CADComputer-Aided Design
2CAPTCHACompletely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart
3CCCarbon Copy
4CDCompact Disk
5CDMACode Division Multiple Access
6CDNContent Delivery Network
7CD-RCompact Disk – Recordable
8CD-ROMCompact Disk Read Only Memory
9CD-RWCompact Disk Rewritable
10CGICommon Gateway Interface
11CGI-BINCommon Gateway Interface – Binary (programming for Web forms)
12CISCComplex Instructions Set Computers
13CLICommand Line Interface
14CLRCommon Language Runtime
15COBOLCommon Business-Oriented Language
16COMComponent Object Model
17CORBACommon Object Request Broker Architecture
18CPUCentral Processing Unit
19CRCCyclic Redundancy Check
20CRTCathode Ray Tube
21CRUDCreate, Read, Update and Delete
22CSMA/CDCarrier sense multiple access with collision detection
23CSSCascading Style Sheets

D – Computer Abbreviations

1DACDigital-To-Analog Converter
2DAPDirectory Access Protocol
3DATDigital Audio Tape
5DBADatabase Administrator
6DBMSDatabase Management System
7DCOMDistributed Component Object Model
8DDLData Definition Language
9DESData Encryption Standard
10DFDData Flow Diagram
11DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
12DHTMLDynamic Hypertext Markup Language
13DIVXDigital Video Express
14DLLDynamic Link Library
15DMIDirect Media Interface
16DMLData Manipulation Language
17DNSDomain Name System
18DOMDocument Object Model
19DOSDisk Operating System
20DPIDots Per Inch
21DRAMDynamic Random-Access Memory
22DSADigital Signature Algorithm
23DSNDatabase Source Name
24DSPDigital Signal Processor
25DTDDocument Type Definition
26DVDDigital Versatile Disc
27DVIDigital Visual Interface
28DVRDigital Video Recorder

E – Computer Abbreviations

1EAIEnterprise Application Integration
2EDIElectronic Data Interchange
3EEPROMElectronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
4EFSEncrypting File System
5E-MailElectronic mail
6EOFEnd of File
7EOLEnd of Line
8EOMEnd Of Message
9ERMEntity-Relationship Model
10ESBEnterprise service bus
11ESIElectronically Stored Information
12ETLExtract, Transform, Load
13ETAEstimated Time of Arrival
14EXTEXTended file system

F – Computer Abbreviations

S. No.AbbreviationsFull-Form
1FATFile Allocation Table
2FAQFrequently Asked Questions
3FCBFile Control Block
4FDDFrequency-Division Duplexing / Floppy Disk Drive
5FDDIFiber Distributed Data Interface
6FDMFrequency-Division Multiplexing
7FDMAFrequency-Division Multiple Access
8FIFOFirst In First Out
9FLOPSFLoating-Point Operations Per Second
10FQDNFully Qualified Domain Name
11FTPFile Transfer Protocol
12FYIFor Your Information

G – Computer Abbreviations

S. No.AbbreviationsFull-Form
3GIFGraphics Interchange Format
4GISGeographic Information System
5GMLGeography Markup Language
6GPUGraphics Processing Unit
7GSMGlobal System for Mobile Communications
8GUIGraphical User Interface
9GUIDGlobally Unique IDentifier

H – Computer Abbreviations

1HAHigh Availability
2HDHigh Density
3HDDHard Disk Drive
4HDMIHigh-Definition Multimedia Interface
5HFHigh Frequency
6HFSHierarchical File System
7HPFSHigh-Performance File System
8HSDPAHigh-Speed Downlink Packet Access
9HTMLHypertext Markup Language
10HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol

I – Computer Abbreviations

2IaaSInfrastructure as a Service
3IBMInternational Business Machines
4ICIntegrated Circuit
5ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
6ICPInternet Cache Protocol
7IDEIntegrated Development Environment
8IEInternet Explorer
9IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
10IGMPInternet Group Management Protocol
11IGRPInterior Gateway Routing Protocol
12IIOPInternet Inter-Orb Protocol
13IISInternet Information Services
14ILIntermediate Language
15IMInstant Messaging
16IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol
17IoTInternet of Things
18IPInternet Protocol
19IPCInter-Process Communication
20IPPInternet Printing Protocol
21IPTvInternet Protocol Television
22IPv4Internet Protocol version 4
23IPv6Internet Protocol version 6
24ISCSIInternet Small Computer System Interface
25ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
26ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
27ISPInternet Service Provider
28ITILInformation Technology Infrastructure Library
29ITUInternational Telecommunication Union

J – Computer Abbreviations

1J2EEJava 2 Enterprise Edition
2J2MEJava 2 Micro Edition
3J2SEJava 2 Standard Edition
4JAXBJava Architecture for XML Binding
5JAX-RPCJava XML for Remote Procedure Calls
6JAXPJava API for XML Processing
7JDBCJava Database Connectivity
8JDKJava Development Kit
9JFETJunction Field-Effect Transistor
11JNDIJava Naming and Directory Interface
12JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
13JREJava Runtime Environment
14JSONJavaScript Object Notation
15JSPJavaServer Pages

L – Computer Abbreviations

2L2TPLayer two Tunneling Protocol
3LACPLink Aggregation Control Protocol
4LANLocal Area Network
5LBLoad Balancer
6LCDLiquid Crystal Display
7LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol
8LIFOLast In First Out
9LOCLines of Code
10LTELong Term Evolution

M – Computer Abbreviations

1MACMedia Access Control
2MANMetropolitan Area Network
3MAPIMessaging Application Programming Interface
4MBRMaster Boot Record
5Mb / MBMegabit / Megabyte
6MDIMultiple Document Interface
7MFMedium Frequency
8MGCPMedia Gateway Control Protocol
10MICRMagnetic Ink Character Recognition
11MIMEMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
12MIPSMillion Instructions Per Second
13MOSFETMetal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor
14MOTDMessage Of The Day
15MOVApple QuickTime Multimedia File
16MPEGMotion Pictures Experts Group
17MSDNMicrosoft Developer Network
18MTAMail Transfer Agent
19MUMemory Unit
20MXMail exchange

N – Computer Abbreviations

1NACNetwork Access Control
2NACKNegative ACKnowledgement
3NaNNot a Number
4NASNetwork-Attached Storage
5NATNetwork Address Translation
6NCPNetWare Core Protocol
7NetBIOSNetwork Basic Input/Output System
8NFSNetwork File System
9NICNetwork Interface Controller
10NNTPNetwork News Transfer Protocol
11NOSNetwork Operating System
12NSSNetwork Security Services
13NTNew Technology
14NTFSNT Filesystem
15NTLMNT Lan Manager
16NTPNetwork Time Protocol

O – Computer Abbreviations

1OASISOrganization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
2ODBCOpen Database Connectivity
3OLAPOnline Analytical Processing
4OLEObject Linking and Embedding
5OLEDOrganic Light Emitting Diode
6OLTPOnline Transaction Processing
7OMROptical Mark Reader
8OOPObject-Oriented Programming
9OPMLOutline Processor Markup Language
10ORBObject Request Broker
11ORMObject-Relational Mapping
12OSIOpen Systems Interconnection

P – Computer Abbreviations

2PaaSPlatform as a Service
3PANPersonal Area Network
4PAPPassword Authentication Protocol
5PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect
6PCMPulse-Code Modulation
7PDFPortable Document Format
8PERLPractical Extraction and Reporting Language
9PHPHypertext Preprocessor
10PKCSPublic Key Cryptography Standards
11PKIPublic Key Infrastructure
12PNGPortable Network Graphics
13POP3Post Office Protocol v3
14PPIPixels Per Inch
15PSUPower Supply Unit
16PVPhysical Volume
17PVGPhysical Volume Group

R – Computer Abbreviations

1RADRapid Application Development
2RAIDRedundant Array of Independent Disks
3RAMRandom Access Memory
4RARPReverse Address Resolution Protocol
5RDBMSRelational Database Management System
6RDPRemote Desktop Protocol
7RESTRepresentational State Transfer
8RIARich Internet Application
9RIPRouting Information Protocol
10RISCReduced Instruction Set Computer
11RMIRemote Method Invocation
12ROMRead-Only Memory
13RPCRemote Procedure Call
14RSVPResource Reservation Protocol
15RTAIReal-Time Application Interface
16RTFRich Text Format
17RTMPReal-Time Messaging Protocol
18RTPReal-time Transport Protocol
19RTSPReal-Time Streaming Protocol
20RWDResponsive Web Design

S – Computer Abbreviations

1SaaSSoftware as a Service
2SANStorage Area Network
3SAXSimple API for XML
4SCMSource Code Management
5SCSISmall Computer System Interface
6SCTPStream Control Transmission Protocol
7SDDLSecurity Descriptor Definition Language
8SDISingle Document Interface
9SDKSoftware Development Kit
10SDNService Delivery Network
11SDPSession Description Protocol
12SEOSearch Engine Optimization
13SFTPSimple File Transfer Protocol
14SGMLStandard Generalized Markup Language
15SHASecure Hash Algorithm
16SIMSubscriber Identification Module
17SIPSession Initiation Protocol
18SLIPSerial Line Internet Protocol
19SMSShort Message Service
20SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
21SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
22SNTPSimple Network Time Protocol
23SOAService-Oriented Architecture
24SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol
25SQLStructured Query Language
26SRAMStatic Random Access Memory
27SSDSolid-State Drive
28SSDPSimple Service Discovery Protocol
29SSHSecure Shell
30SSTPSecure Socket Tunneling Protocol
31SVGScalable Vector Graphics
32SVGASuper Video Graphics Array

T – Computer Abbreviations

S. No.AbbreviationsFull-Form
2TCPTransmission Control Protocol
3TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
4TDMATime-Division Multiple Access
5TFTPTrivial File Transfer Protocol
6TIFFTagged Image File Format
7TLDTop-Level Domain
8TNCTerminal Node Controller

U – Computer Abbreviations

1UACUser Account Control
2UATUser Acceptance Testing
3UCSUniversal Character Set
4UDDIUniversal Description, Discovery, and Integration
5UDPUser Datagram Protocol
6UHFUltra-High Frequency
7UMLUnified Modeling Language
8UNCUniversal Naming Convention
9UNIVACUniversal Automatic Computer
10URIUniform Resource Identifier
11URLUniform Resource Locator
12URNUniform Resource Name
13USBUniversal Serial Bus
14UTFUnicode Transformation Format
15UUIDUniversally Unique Identifier

V – Computer Abbreviations

1VCPIVirtual Control Program Interface
2VBAVisual Basic for Applications
3VDIVirtual Desktop Infrastructure
4VDUVisual Display Unit
5VFSVirtual File System
6VGAVideo Graphics Array
7VLANVirtual Local Area Network
8VoIPVoice over Internet Protocol
9VPNVirtual Private Network
10VPSVirtual Private Server

W – Computer Abbreviations

1W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium
2WAFSWide Area File Services
3WANWide Area Network
4WAPWireless Application Protocol
5WCFWindows Communication Foundation
6WDMWavelength-Division Multiplexing
7WINSWindows Internet Name Service
8WLANWireless Local Area Network
9WMAWindows Media Audio
10WMVWindows Media Video
11WPADWeb Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol
12WSDLWeb Services Description Language
13WSFLWeb Services Flow Language
14WWWWorld Wide Web
15WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get

X – Computer Abbreviations

1XAMLeXtensible Application Markup Language
2XHTMLeXtensible Hypertext Markup Language
3XSDXML Schema Definition
4XSLeXtensible Stylesheet Language
5XSLTeXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
6XSSCross-Site Scripting
7XTFeXtensible Tag Framework
8XULXML User Interface Language
9XVGAExtended Video Graphics Adapter