Solve 5 Free Test For Bank Exam Preparation

Constantly solving various mock exams will help you test your knowledge. We share the Free Test for Bank Exam, for your practice. It also helps you to understand the questions in the bank exams conducted by IBPS.

Computer-based and time-bound exam practice is the real key to success in IBPS exams. Many candidates fail to cope with the time-bound pressure and fail to select the correct answers.

Below we provide links for the 5 free full-length mock tests for Quantitative Aptitude, Numerical Ability, Reasoning, English, etc.

Free Test for Bank Exam
Free Test for Bank Exam

Format of Free Test for Bank Exam

It is one of the most important and scoring topics in the banking exam. It tests candidates’ logical skills. this section covers the below types of questions,

  2. Percentage Calculation
  3. Average questions
  4. Series: Arithmetic and Geometric
  5. Ratio & Proportion and Partnership
  6. Profit & Loss
  7. Time & Distance: Train, Car, and Boat
  8. Time & Work
  9. Age Calculation
  10. Permutation & Combination
  11. Data Interpretation

Numerical Ability Test

Numerical Ability measures the numerical aptitude of a candidate to analyze and draw conclusions from given data. In this free test for the bank exam, we cover numerical ability questions with solutions.

Reasoning Ability

Reasoning Ability is the section on which banking organizations emphasize a lot. It measures the decision-making ability of the candidate. This section consists of questions like,

  1. Code and Decode
  2. Direction Knowledge
  3. Symbolism
  4. Relationship
  5. Round Table
  6. Statement and Conclusion
  7. Venn Diagram
  8. Alphabets arrangements


The English Language is one of the least time-consuming and scoring subjects in every bank exam. It requires only basic knowledge of English and it is a very easy part if solved properly. The questions asked under this section are below,

  1. Reading Passage
  2. Synonyms and Antonyms
  3. Grammatical mistakes
  4. Arrange Sentence
  5. Fill in the blank
  6. Multiple fills in the blanks.

Paid Mock Test for Bank Exams

It’s very difficult to crack the Bank exams with limited practice. It’s always advisable to practice more and more. We here at Prepareforbank, provide you the opportunity to test yourself in a time-bound manner. Mock tests are designed similarly to the actual Bank Exams.

Try Paid Mock tests for bank Exams.

Free Online practice test

Before enrolling for our Paid mock test you can try out the free test to bank exams in similar lines to IBPS preliminary exams. These tests consist of a total of 100 questions, out of which 35 questions are of Reasoning, 35 questions are of Quantitative Aptitude, and 30 questions of English.

The total time to finish each practice test is 2 Hours. In the actual test IBPS, you need to complete this test in 1 hour.

Online practice test series are an easy way to perfect your bank preparation. It helps you in improving exam preparation and understanding of the exam pattern. Refer to below a topic-wise mock test for the bank exam to ace in preparation.

1st Free Test for Bank Exam

Click Here to start practicing the 1st Free Test for Bank Exams.

2nd Free Mock Test for Bank Exam

Click Here to start practicing the 2nd Free Mock Test for Bank Exams.

3rd Free Full Test for Bank Exam

Click Here to start practicing the 3rd Free Full Test for Bank Exams.

4th Free Test for IBPS Bank Exam

Click Here to start practicing the 4th Free Test for Bank Exams.

5th Free Test for Preliminary Bank Exam

Click Here to start practicing the 5th Free Test for Preliminary Bank Exams.

Finally, we are constantly striving hard to give the best Mock test to practice and excel in the exams. However, if you encounter any areas of improvement feel free to contact us.