Learn Analogy Reasoning In Effective Way

Analogy Reasoning is an important topic in the Reasoning Exam to be prepared for competitive exams be it for IBPS Clerk, PO, RRB, SO, or SBI Clerk or PO Exams. The number of questions and the complexity of questions vary from exam to exam every year.

Analogy Reasoning is simple to understand but it can be made complex using multiple classifications. Understanding Classification is also a prerequisite. Examples of Analogy Reasoning and Practice questions on Analogy Reasoning are also given in this article.

Nowadays, questions in exams are mixed with multiple concepts and it requires practice and a deep understanding of basic concepts along with quickly identifying patterns.

Analogy Reasoning
Analogy Reasoning

What is Analogy Reasoning?

Analogy Reasoning is a comparison between two or more things, typically for the purpose of finding similarities or explanations, or clarification among things.

An analogy is a way of explaining a thing or feeling by comparing it with something else which makes the idea easier to understand. The thing which is being compared is likely to have some similarities in common with the thing it’s compared.

Analogy Reasoning Example

Below are a few examples of Analogy Reasoning which are used in general conversation:

  1. As sweet as Sugar.
  2. As light as a flower’s petal.
  3. Shining as Sun.
  4. These words are music to my ears.
  5. To find a needle in a haystack.
  6. The past few days have become a roller-coaster.

Questions on Analogy Reasoning

Above are some examples that help in understanding analogy reasoning. But competitive exams questions on analogy are a bit different and below are a few examples to understand:

Example 1: Alms : Gratuity :: Penalize : ?
Options: Humility, Compulsion, Castigate
Solution: Castigate is the synonym of Penalize.

Example 2: Prohibit : Forbid :: Abject : ?
Options: Agree, Accept, Afraid, Wretched
Solution: Wretched is the synonym of the Abject.

Example 3: Possess : Acquire :: Winsome : ?
Options: Give, Take, Remember, Captivating
Solution: Captivating is the synonym of Winsome.

Example 4: Abandon : Desert :: Banish : ?
Options: Move, Appare, Confront, Exile
Solution: Exile is the synonym of Banish.

Example 5: Rebellion : Mutiny :: Condone : ?
Options: Delight, Kind, Stop, Excuse
Solution: Excuse is the synonym of Condone.

Example 6: Lethargy : Laziness :: Joy : ?
Options: Delight, Annoyed, Certain, Delight
Solution: Delight is the synonym of Joy.

Example 7: Tentative : Temporary :: Notable : ?
Options: Liberate, Indifference, Avoidable, Memorable
Solution: Memorable is the synonym of Notable.

Example 8: Quest : Search :: Quarantined : ?
Options: Aggravate, Common, Emergency, Separated
Solution: Separated is the synonym of Quarantined.

Example 9: Notable : Memorable :: Abstain : ?
Options: Indifference, Avoidable, Appear, Refuse
Solution: Refuse is the synonym of Abstain.

Example 10: Adequate : Enough :: Rationalize : ?
Options: Blame, Relevant, Scarce, Justify
Solution: Justify is the synonym of Rationalize.

Practice Questions on Analogy Reasoning

Find the correct answer in place of a question mark, from the options given below are the Practice questions on Analogy Reasoning:

Question 1: Quarantined : Separated :: Radical : ?
Options: Paused, Extended, Ignore, Fundamental

Question 2: Extravagant : Grandiose :: Belief : ?
Options: Indifferent, Unacceptable, Disbelief, Principle

Question 3: Acclaim : Applause :: Utopian : ?
Options: Unacceptable, Disbelief, Hell, Heavenly

Question 4: Absurd : Ridiculous :: Abstruse : ?
Options: Easy, Revert, Unethical, Difficult

Question 5: Obscene : Filthy :: Wreck : ?
Options: Build, Create, Beautiful, Destroy

Question 6: Imminent : Threatening :: Lenient : ?
Options: Difficult, Unethical, Acceptable, Forbearing

Question 7: Humane : Kind :: Questionable : ?
Options: Infamous, Definite, Liberation, Doubtful

Question 8: Bad : Evil :: Possess : ?
Options: Foolish, Accept, Steal, Acquire

Question 9: Quick : Alive :: Lively : ?
Options: Believe, Accept, Live, Active

Question 10: Blame : Criticism :: Damage : ?
Options: Build, Create, Revert, Loss

Final Words

Practicing the above Analogy Reasoning practice questions is not the end of your practice, but it’s the start of a new journey to apply logic on Analogy Reasoning Questions with multiple approaches in a right and faster way.

For cracking competitive exams one must practice more and more questions. At last, during the exam, if a solution for the Questions cannot be found easily then mark that question to revisit and move ahead instead of wasting time and energy.