9 Basics To Master For Computer Awareness Exam

Basic Computer Awareness Knowledge for Bank’s Computer Exams is gaining importance day by day be it IBPS, SBI, or any other Bank. Bank exams are asking more questions about Computer skills.

computer awareness
Computer Awareness

Below are the topics which are broadly covered for exam questions and basic knowledge of computers:

Computer Exam Topics

History of Computer: Know more in detail about the History of computers, first the digital computer with well-known persons and their new inventions in computers and its evolution.

Operating Systems: Learn the basics of Operating System, how it works, its functionalities, and its role in the computer system.

Basic Computer Hardware: Learn the basics of hardware such as CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, and much other hardware. How they work together makes a working system.

Basic Computer Software: Learn the basics of software such as, what is software, how it works/behaves, its important role, and its interaction with the system.

Basic Computer Network: Learn the basics of networking like types of cable, how data/information traveled over the network from one place to another, different networking styles, etc.

Internet and related topics: Learn about the internet and different types of network connectivity, its pros and cons, etc.

Basics of Database: Learn the basics of the database, types of the database available, its usage,

Basics of Cyber Security: Learn about Cyber Security, types of Malware, Cyber threats, and types of Cyber attacks.

Basics of Microsoft Office: Learn the basics of Microsoft Office and its different applications, how to use them, and various functionalities in them.

Final Words

Learning these basics is essential for the preparation for Computer Exams. Although it’s helpful to learn basic computer operations to perform day-to-day activities.